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Family Sunday School

At JFX, we believe that every Jew deserves the opportunity to discover just how rich Judaism is. By offering convenient and fun settings for the whole family to join, kids and their parents can simultaneously learn about their heritage, each on his own level, to create a holistic, Jewishly educated and identified family.

The most important thing at JFX is that both kids and their parents should enjoy Sunday School and Jewish experiences, creating an atmosphere that fosters a life-long love of Judaism. Every single one of our teachers is a role model whose life reflects the values and traditions that are taught. Their love for Judaism and for the kids is expressed with every class, holiday event, and Shabbaton!

“We wanted to do this differently from how we went to Sunday School. Our whole family goes and we all learn at our own pace. We love it. It has changed the culture in our home!”
Carly Borstein, Moreland Hills


Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784