shabbat morning exp weekly 2020

Spend Shabbat morning with Congregation JFX. Connect with the beauty of Shabbat in 
classic JFX style - with community, inspiring prayers, great food, and something
intellectual to take away.

8:45 am: Shacharit service with Rabbi Koval, Rabbi Josh  and our cantor, Rabbi Nissan
9:45 am: Torah reading
10:45 am: Mussaf service
                 Ruchi's Parsha class
11:15 am: Deluxe Kiddush



The Kiddush following JFX Shabbat Morning Experience is a great way to socialize, catch up with old friends, meet new members, guests and be part of JFX's vibrant community. Sponsoring a Kiddush is a beautiful and meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one, celebrate a simcha such as bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduations and remembering the Yahrzeit of a family member. Share stories, laugh, be inspired and be part of fostering a strong sense of community at JFX.
We have two levels of Kiddush sponsorship. These costs are based on normal Shabbat attendance.
Full Kiddush: $500
Includes: fruit platter, veggie platter, cake platter, chips and dips, cholent and kugel.
Partial Kiddush: $300
Includes everything from the Full Kiddush but the cholent and kugel.


To sponsor a kiddush, sign up here

For more info please contact Deena
John Carroll Annex
2200 South Green Road, University Heights, OH 44121