Date to be determined. Location: John Carroll Annex

This is your opportunity to write a letter in the Torah!

Dr. Phil and Jen Michaelson have dedicated a new Torah in memory of Dr. Paul Michaelson for the purpose of giving every JFX member, family and friends the opportunity to write their own letter in the Torah.

Participation is easy as 1, 2, 3...

1) Click to choose your dedication level. 

Your dedication ensures that the legacy of Torah continues at JFX. It supports ongoing programs and scholarships for children and families so they can benefit from a Jewish education. Any dedication level includes dinner and admissions to the celebration activities at the date of the event.

2) Pick your scribing slot.

When the date for the event is confirmed, we will send patrons who made a dedication a link to reserve a 5 minute scribing time. At the appointment time patrons will be shown to the scribing booth where they will meet our Sofer and write their letter. Following the scribing everyone can choose to continue enjoying the activity stations through various carnival style booths that are engaging and fun, all centered around the Torah scroll.

3) RSVP for the dinner and celebration activities.

When the date for the event is confirmed, everyone who does not want to make a dedication at this time but would still like to attend the dinner and celebrations will have a chance to RSVP online. 
$10 members, $20 for non-members

Quick overview of the day:

10:30 am-12:15 pm
The day begins with scribing sessions and Torah related activities stations at John Carroll Annex

1:00 pm

1:00 pm-5:30 pm
More scribing time opportunities along with activity stations

5:30 pm
Be part of a unique celebration with a Torah March along with music and dancing

6:30 pm
Special Celebratory Dinner

torah scribing graphic