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Connect with the beauty of Shabbat in classic JFX style - with community, inspiring prayers, great food, and something intellectual to take away.

Our doors are open to all who seek to worship, learn and serve the community.

Services at  Jewish Family Experience are a learning experience.  During the service members of the Minyan are encouraged to raise their hand if they have a question regarding the structure of the service, the meaning of a prayer, the interpretation of the Torah portion or a comment regarding the practice of Judaism.

Our goal is to broaden the understanding of Judaism.  And through better understanding establish each individual’s relationship with G-d.  Join us to experience our interactive service.  Come learn with us.

Sponsor a Kiddush
The Kiddush following JFX Shabbat Morning Experience is a great way to socialize, catch up with old friends, meet new members, guests and be part of JFX's vibrant community. Sponsoring a Kiddush is a beautiful and meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one, celebrate a simcha such as bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduations and remembering the Yahrzeit of a family member. Share stories, laugh, be inspired and be part of fostering a strong sense of community at JFX.

We have three levels of Kiddush sponsorship. These costs are based on normal Shabbat attendance.

Standard Kiddush: $400
Includes: Includes kugel, chulent, herring, chips, dips, cake, drinks and fruit.

Deluxe Kiddush: $500
Includes all of the above plus cold cuts and lettuce salad.

Gala Kiddush: $600
Includes all of the above plus chicken fingers.

To sponsor a kiddush sign up here 
For more information please contact our office

Shabbat Schedule

8:45 am
Shacharit service with Rabbi Koval, Rabbi Josh Grodko and our cantor, Rabbi Nissan Blum

9:45 am
Narrated Torah reading

10:15 am
Youth groups

10:30 am
Rabbi's sermon

10:45 am
Mussaf service
Ruchi's Parsha class

11:15 am
Deluxe Kiddush

Wed, June 7 2023 18 Sivan 5783