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Parshat Ki Tavo
September 1, 2023

Candle lighting 7:42 pm
Havdalah 8:48 pm
8:45 am

9:45 am
Narrated Torah service

10:00 am
Youth groups
10:30 am
Rabbi's sermon
10:45 am
Mussaf service
Ruchi's Parsha class

11:15 am
Kiddush is sponsored by
Dimitry and Larisa Marmerstein
In honor of their son Joseph and Emily's wedding
In memory of Joseph's grandparents' Vladimir (Velvel, obm) and Beba Chernay’s 70th wedding anniversary in August 
In honor of the birth of their grandson, Atlas Uriel
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Ethan Weiss
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Mazel tov to Dimitry and Larisa Marmerstein and family on the marriage of their son Joseph to Emily Falk!

Mazel tov to Rabbi Yosef and Miriam Koval and family on the marriage of their son Yoni to Dassi Smoke!

Each year before Rosh Hashanah, we challenge the community to commit to a mitzvah, starting a month before Rosh Hashanah and lasting through the holiday season. Our challenge begins now and ends on Yom Kippur, September 25. 
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Picture Perfect
Young Families Pizza in the Park 
Upcoming Events
This week, Shabbat morning, September 2
10:00 am

Do you have kids age 10 and under? Join JFX for fun and inspiring monthly Shabbat mornings for kids and grown ups followed by a deluxe kiddush.
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Thursday, Sept 7
8:30 pm

Join YPX to sip, schmooze and unveil tidbits of Torah  wisdom with Rabbi Josh Grodko and Partners in Torah

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Friday, September 8
5:00 pm

Join JFX for a fun and inspiring pre-Rosh Hashanah
Shabbat dinner for kids and their parents
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Sunday, September 10
1:00 pm

Pick your own apples as we prepare for Rosh Hashana and hear some inspiring words about the High Holidays 
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Rosh Hashanah
Shabbat, September 16 and Sunday, September 17

Yom Kippur
Sunday evening, September 24
Monday, September 25
Details and registration here

Thursday, September 21
6:00 pm

Meet for a meaningful, musical and welcoming tradition, focusing on the themes of forgiveness, renewal and rejuvenation for the Jewish new year 

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Thursday, October 5
5:00 pm

Shake your lulav and etrog at the JFX Sukkah while enjoying delicious BBQ, entertainment and music

Details and registration coming soon
Every Sunday starting October 15
11:00 am

Get together on Sundays for an hour of engaging discussions on a Jewish topic of your choice
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Every Wednesday 
7:00 - 7:30 pm

New virtual class for college students
For more information text Ruchi at 216-346-9582
Learning Opportunities
Character Improvement Through Torah Wisdom

Monday, September 4

10:00 am

Tuesday, September 5
9:00 am

Thursday, September 7
12:00 pm

Friday, September 1
12:00 pm

Contact Rabbi Yosef Koval

Every other Wednesday
7:00 pm

Contact Rabbi Helman for details


My Bris Wish List

As a mohel for the past 25 years, several brisses stand out in my mind as being extra special. Over the years I have performed two of my own sons' brisses, lots of nephews, close friends, even one father and son bris in the books. Last week was the bris for our first grandson, and it was one of my most meaningful bris moments!

Throughout my daughter's pregnancy, only the baby's parents were privy to the baby's gender. We all tried to trip them up into revealing the gender, but for the most part, they played it really cool. One time my daughter asked me a benign bris-related question, and from that point on, all family bets were on that it was going to be a boy, with the excitement leaning towards a bris. So when we got the "It's a boy!" call, after a super long labor and delivery, we were all elated but not shocked.

Our grandson is named after Ruchi's father, who sadly passed away over forty years ago when he was just thirty years old. This baby is the first great-grandson who carries his name. This baby, our grandson, has so much potential, a clean slate with loving parents, grandparents, great-parents and even two great-great grandparents (both Holocaust survivors) still alive, and so many friends and relatives that care and are rooting for him. But ultimately, he will have to make his own decisions, his own free will choices and deal with his own struggles throughout his life.

These thoughts, feelings and emotions were all compacted into the twenty minutes that we celebrated his bris. From 8:20-8:40 last Thursday morning he received a special dosage of holiness as he entered into the sacred covenant of Abraham, linking together past, present and future generations. As the bris was about to start, I felt privileged to share a personal, emotionally charged Torah thought connecting the significance of this ancient ritual to this baby and our family. 

Another highlight for me was being surrounded by my so much loving family. As my parents get older, I appreciate and love them so much more than I did when I was young and dumb. So, having them there, four generations together on the Bimah was definitely a special feeling for me. Additionally, four of my brothers surprised me, driving in through the night from the east coast, pulling up to Cleveland just in time to be at our simcha, then turning around immediately afterwards and driving right back. The room was full with so much love, with many friends from both our JFX and general community. 

The baby is super cute and we are so grateful to have them live nearby. The crazy thing is that it is already Thursday evening, and I guiltily haven't yet seen my grandson this week. I already see that unless I really make it a priority and schedule grandfather-grandson quality time, time just slips by. Ah, that precious and fleeting commodity that we call time. It is both our best friend and biggest enemy. So much to do, personal, spiritual, family, self-care... The yetzer hara (negative inclination) keeps us so busy and overworked. Perhaps this is a perfect Rosh Hashanah pledge for me, to figure out a way to manage my time better. But I digress, back to my grandson.

May Hashem protect, guide and elevate him throughout his life. May he always be surrounded by loving family and friends, and may he be elevated from and bring joy to all those around him. Finally, may he use his potential to the fullest and light up the world with acts of kindness, mitzvahs and good deeds and be a source of nachas to all. Mazel Tov!

Shabbat Shalom, 

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